I have been practising Pilates for 12 years and can genuinely say that Marcia is an excellent Pilates instructor. She combines her strong technical knowledge with an intelligent understanding of physiology. This is particularly helpful as I suffer from C4-5 fusion and stiffness in my back and neck. I really enjoy how Marcia combines matwork with the reformer to make the classes diverse, but also to address my needs on a weekly basis. I highly recommend her.
Victoria Wall, Occupational Psychologist and life Coach

Myself and a couple of friends started Pilates with Marcia after being convinced by our wives that it would be good for us. I have to say I was a bit skeptical as I thought I was in reasonably good shape through running and gym work! However, the experience has been somewhat transformational. After just a few months I could feel the direct benefit of a stronger core and greater flexibility. Additionally the principles of Pilates now comes into any other exercise that I do, in terms of posture and core-engagement. Marcia really is a superb teacher always pushing us just enough and ensuring that our technique is correct, while making the sessions thoroughly enjoyable. She is very passionate about what she does and this shines through.
Steve Jones

It is a joy to have studio equipment sessions with Marcia in her beautiful studio in Barnes. She has an absolute passion for Pilates and all that it has to offer. Her teaching is clear, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and her breadth of experience is evident in her ability to inspire a full range of clients from complete beginners to those with a working knowledge of the full classical syllabus. Marcia works you hard, but with a light touch, encouraging you to progress and improve with each session.
Y Lawrence

I have been attending twice weekly private Pilates classes with Marcia for four years now, having previously spent several years trying out many different forms of exercise, all of which I either disliked or became bored with! Each equipment session with Marcia offers a high degree of variety, usually with a focus on working particular areas of the body, with a mat warm up and cool down stretching session. New exercises or more advanced versions of previously learnt exercises are regularly introduced offering new goals and targets each week. The exercises are explained and demonstrated with great attention to detail whilst always ensuring they are carried our correctly at all times.

The classes are enjoyable and above all motivating. I have seen considerable improvement in my posture and general tone as well as my energy levels. Marcia’s approach is warm and inspiring but above all, competent and professional at all times.
Debbie Ferreira

I have been attending Pilates with Marcia with a group of men for over a year. The reformer machines and other mat exercises are a perfect stretching antidote to historically tight leg muscles and have helped tighten my softening midriff. I have finally found out what my core is and developed an awareness of posture and position when doing other sports including skiing, cycling and running. I highly recommend Marcia’s informative and excellent instruction. She works us hard with Pilates exercises that are perfect for men and we have seen and felt great results.
Jason Bacon

After having 3 major operations on my left foot, Pilates is now playing a key role in my return to fitness. Marcia has worked in collaboration with my physio and is aware of my problem areas and weaknesses; this has helped her devise specific exercises both matwork and reformer work, which are strengthening my core, lower back and pelvis. My overall posture and ability to walk straighter and for longer has improved tremendously and Marcia has enabled me to become far more aware of my body and muscle groups. Her classes are intense but extremely rewarding and enjoyable.
Susana Freud. Designer

Marcia has put together a great marathon program for me to strengthen my core and increase muscle strength and flexibility for the big day. I am loving every minute of my sessions.
Anne McArthur, 5 times Marathon runner