At The Grange Studio, we are committed to creating the most effective programme possible for each of our clients to bring balance back to the body and to restore and maintain good movement, increase strength and flexibility and prevent or rehabilitate injury.

Each session is carefully tailored to meet your individual needs and is designed to bring results through creative and varied functional exercises. All sessions work the whole body and vary from gentle exercises for the beginner to more dynamic challenging pilates for the advanced client.

Our one-hour sessions combine matwork, reformer and cadillac exercises and can include the use of smaller equipment including the roller, balance balls, weights and toning circle.

Matwork classes

Equipment classes

Barre classes


Marcia also teaches barre work which tones and sculpts the body as it strengthens and lengthens the muscles. Performed at the ballet barre, using small isometric contractions, and with an emphasis on posture and alignment this is an intensive workout which achieves great results.


The ultimate pilates mat workout! This popular class is for the experienced, injury free, fit pilates client. Marcia offers ADVANCED CLASSICAL MATWORK in its entirety as a complete movement discipline.

The repertoire is the essence of the pilates method and develops strength, stamina, muscular endurance, coordination as well as physical and mental control.


Be prepared to work hard and sweat! A fast moving, intense class incorporating the use of weights throughout and involving good co-ordination.

Lots of leg and arm work and plenty of core exercises make this an excellent full body workout.